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This analysis has been devised to assist decision-making, not to make the decisions; thatís the job of management. Consequently Spiky-thing.com and any of its associated companies, links, organisations or Associates cannot be held in any way responsible for any losses or consequential losses which might arise as a result of any decisions being made which are based on the various analyses, outputs or publications from Spiky-thing.com.

End user license agreement.

1. The user shall not make, or attempt to make, unauthorised access to the site or areas of the site they are not entitled to.

2. The user shall not attempt to interfere with, impede or attempt to modify in any way the site, or any areas of the site.

3. The user will keep any passwords, access codes and other information specific to that user confidential.

4. Whilst we encourage the user to experiment with data entry and to explore the site, this does not extend to deliberately loading the site with repeated requests without proper purpose [e.g. reverse engineering of the site].

5. Attempts to access unauthorised areas, modify, duplicate or copy any aspects or elements of this site will result in the user being barred from the site without any prior notice; and may result in criminal action being taken against that user.

6. The Spiky-thing.com system is designed to provide information and analyses to help businesses make better decisions - it is designed more to provide questions than to give answers. The information, analyses and publications provided are not a substitute for management decisions, and hence Spiky-thing.com cannot be held responsible or accountable for any losses, consequential losses or damage that might arise as a result of any actions taken by the user based on the information, analyses or publications provided by Spiky-thing.com.

7. Spiky-thing.com reserves the right to close the server from time to time for maintenance and enhancements to the system; this will be announced on the home page. During this time the user may not have access to specific areas; this will not entitle the user to any refund unless the period of denied access (other than from the user being barred from the site - point 5) is more than five days in any one calendar month.

8. Should the user have difficulties using this site, please contact us by e-mail and we will do everything within our capabilities to rectify the situation.

9. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that all activities involving this site and any links with this site are legal, and are totally of their own responsibility.

10. Spiky-thing.com would like to emphasise that it has no control or influence whatsoever over the design or content of any linked sites or pages. Therefore we explicitly distance ourselves from the contents of all linked sites or pages from anywhere within the Spiky-thing.com website, or its associated server(s).

11. Spiky-thing.com is not liable for any damage caused by files downloaded and/or installed from its website or its Internet server or any associates systems. Whilst everything is checked before uploading for viruses, worms, Trojans etc. cannot guarantee that they are totally free from viruses, worms, Trojans etc. It is the responsibility of users to maintain their own system integrity; and Spiky-thing.com, its associated companies, links, organisations or Associates cannot be held responsible for any infections that might arise on a user's system as a result of visiting Spiky-thing.com.

12. Spiky-thing.com is not responsible for any decrease or lack of service due to circumstances outside its control. Such circumstances might, non-exhaustively, include amongst others: strikes, lock-outs, other providers' service failures or official decrees.


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